Our Mission

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The Tampa personal injury lawyers of Ward-Mitchell have intentionally created a smaller firm of tireless advocates who don’t mass produce letters, forms or results. We are not affiliated with any of the 1-800 referral networks and stand opposed to those organizations. Instead, we have built a law practice for more than twenty five years the old-fashioned way – by developing lasting, genuine relationships with our clients, working hard and ultimately, obtaining extraordinary results for them. Our reputation is spread by word of mouth referrals from clients, law enforcement, courthouse personnel, jurors and yes, even defendants we sued who wished we had been their attorneys. Interestingly enough, we often receive referrals from insurance claim adjusters and defense lawyers who we advocate our toughest cases against. This referral mechanism continues to be the primary source of our case load. A near equal number of our cases came to us through referrals from other personal injury lawyers around the state who have been pleased with our ability to maximize their clients’ recovery even when dealing with the most challenging of legal issues.

The goal of our staff is to always treat people the way they should be treated and provide legal services of exceptional quality and creativity. We continually strive to offer the finest representation possible. Each legal strategy is hand-crafted for each individual case. We prefer a smaller attorney-to-case ratio as we believe it obtains superior results. This may take more work on our part, but we believe it generates better results for our clients. In the old contest of quality over quantity, we choose quality. If we can be of assistance to you, please call us at (813) 251-4188 or use our online contact form with any questions you may have about our firm or your potential case.